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Khufukhaf had a double mastaba in Giza (tomb G 7130-7140) in the east field which is part of the Giza Necropolis. Mastaba G 7130 is attributed to Khufukhaf's wife Nefertkau. G 7140 belonged to Khufukhaf himself. Khufukhaf is depicted with Queen Henutsen in the Hall of the Mastaba. Several sons are mentioned as well. A son named Wetka (also called Tuka) is depicted in the chapel of the mastaba. Another son named Iuenka (or Iun-ka) is depicted in the chapel as well. Iunka is given the title of King's Son in the tomb. Khufukhaf also had a daughter.


Henutsen (G I-c) Iretru (in G 7130-7140) Iuenka (in G 7130-7140) Khufu Nefretkau (G 7130-7140) Seshemuka (in G 7130-7140) Shebeniset (in G 7130-7140) Wahibre (in G 7130-7140) Wetka (in G 7130-7140)
George Andrew Reisner, American, 1867–1942
Khufu to end of Dynasty 4
Stone-built mastaba
Khufukhaf [I] (G 7130-7140)
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